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Axis Softech – Larger Than Life for Travel Company

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Axis Softech is not just a travel portal development company. It is the best travel technology company that provides excellent solutions taking into account the structure of your company and its IT needs. Axis Softech do not have branches rather they have roots. For they believe it is important to make the base stronger to have a dependable structure than to expand with a weak base. Axis Softech cares for both their employees and clients. The employees are being given proper accolades for the effort and dedication that they put in to make a project successful. Axis Softech management believes that it is the employees for whom the company is reaching sky height in terms of success and popularity. Also, the clients get special treatment.

Axis Softech employees works in a methodical way and therefore they first study the needs of the clients and then design the portal accordingly. Till date, Axis Softech has handled many projects and each one has been better than the previous one. The company is backed by a strong group of professionals with their business horizons extended evenly to numerous businesses in India and United States. The professional competency and able to manage small and big projects with equal efficiencies has been the USP of the business. The company has roots of developing highly complex online softwares and integrating high end XML based services with several indigenous or complicated database and software applications. With such background, the company has been imparting its services to the clients for over 11 years now and has served over 1000+ clients till date. Axis Softech is always in the look out of providing their customers with the best possible services at the most optimized price. They even customize the projects so that the customers can afford them. There is a list of multi APIs driven readymade travel products which are of high demand in the market. Some of them are:

  • Axis Safari Hotel-O-Shop
  • Axis Safari Aero
  • Axis Safari Special
  • Axis Safari Standard
  • Axis Safari Mid
  • Axis Safari Advance
  • Axis Safari Ultra
  • Axis Safari B2B
  • Axis Safari B2E

One can find all that they want to set up an ideal travel portal from the list of the above mentioned products. Also, if you have your own API, Axis Softech can help you in integrating it. Apart from travel portal development, Axis Softech gives the following services:

  • Travel reservation software
  • Travel agency software
  • GDS integration
  • Flight booking engine
  • Hotel booking engine
  • Bus booking engine
  • Mobile recharge integration
  • Tour operator software
  • Travel website development
  • Cruise booking software
  • Online travel solutions
  • B2B2C online travel portal development
  • Travel booking engine

Axis Softech has proven them time to time and again to be the best travel technology provider that boils down all the technical problems to zero in no time. By providing 24X7 support services, the company professionals are literally at your beck and call whenever you need them. They become an integral part of life once you deal with them.


How A Small Company Aspires To Leave Behind Makemytrip.com And Others

small vs large

Axis Softech travel portal offers a huge marketing business option as well as great opportunity and their exact product is travel. This evaluation of their prospect will stop working what it will take to thrive and receive a fine and long-term revenue when advertising their travel products and services.

Axis Softech is a better system of marketing business opportunity created not only to assist people who would like to turn that holiday fervor into a commission building business but also producing overruling and reimbursement on the sales you produce as well as sales produced by others that you submit to connect-your down line.

A great thing about Axis Softech is that it is a well-renowned travel portal agency that has gained popularity in short span of time and also leaves other sites behind and let’s knows about them:

What you acquire: A marvelous booking website agency like Axis Softech is one of the top travel company websites.

Axis Softech is a travel website company that offers you various online services.

Following points will give you a great concept when you look out for a travel web portal as well:

Outsourcing – Make sure that you hire an agency that has knowledge in all the services needed by you. Even, Axis Softech has outsourced section of their work to freelancers or to other firms which might be superior for your project.

Axis follows the portfolio and also makes sure if they have performed task in the same way as per your needs. This will provide you a great relaxing level also and it will be easy for you to attract many people to your portal designed by Axis. Thus, the customers are getting best possible results. For an instance, if you have a travel business so come to the right place at Axis Softech. This will provide them a parameter as they will have all the information and resources necessary for a travel portal.

Pricing – When it comes to costing level, Axis Softech is a reputable web design firm as there is several variations in terms of costs. You might get a basic design price just at $100 and this can also go up to $1000. In such a way, you can see that how creatively the work is done by Axis and then take a call on the cost as there is actually no fixed price for travel web design services.

However, Internet has drastically transformed the world around and it is quite easy to locate web design firms worldwide but it is sensible to go for a company near your surrounding area and nothing will get better than Axis Softech that is too easier to get hold. Axis Softech has done great and also they are far better than other top OTAs in industry because this firm is really an incredible platform for all travelers and visitors who want to get the best possible travel services and experience perfect option.

Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/how-a-small-company-aspires-to-leave-behind-makemytrip-com-and-others/

How Axis Is Making Lives Of Travel Agents Easy And Joyous?

Being a travel agent is itself a very hectic job. In this profession one needs to directly interact with people, handle their money, understand their requirements and provide service likewise. Be it planning a trip or booking a hotel or booking a flight, everything has to be done keeping the safety and security of the passengers in mind. Their preference gets the first priority and a good travel agent is one who has all sorts of options for every service possible in travel and tourism business. The customers should get a chance to look through the variety and then choose. In earlier days when technology was not so up to the mark travel agents used to personally visit the railways station or airport to book tickets. Variations had major limitations. But today it is no more the case. With the involvement of computer people today can make all arrangements of a trip right from their home or from their office. Much less time is needed and more options are available. So as a travel agent one too needs to upgrade themselves and their business. Having an online travel portal is a must if you are involving in a travel agency business today. As a businessman you will get a wider platform and will be able to reach out to more and more people. Profit will be high and it will be really easy to manage business as there is less scope for any error to occur or a data to get lost.

Axis Softech helps you through this journey taking your budding business to new heights. They are an online travel portal development company. They have designed a product called Axis SAFARI which has been a huge hit among the customers. It is a one stop shop for all that you may need to set up a travel portal. Axis Softech has worked for many travel giants and therefore have gained a huge customer base. Business houses trust the efficiency and integrity of this company. The true assets of Axis Softech are their employees. The employees are very hardworking and passionate to help travel agents to set up their business thereby making their lives easy and joyous. They have different types of products in their shelves like B2B, B2C and B2E. Axis Softech always keep in mind that all travel agencies are not of the same scale and therefore they design products that are affordable by all. The products are pocket friendly and cheap.

The products can be installed and the whole business comes live with a working payment gateway within merely 5 days. So the process is quick. Buying one product you get all the necessary APIs and a robust server system to manage your business. They not only provide the product but also provide 24 X 7 customer support even after selling the product. They give best fare and best commission in industry. Take their service and enjoy a successful business.

Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/how-axis-is-making-lives-of-travel-agents-easy-and-joyous/

How 100s of Travel Agents Make Axis Safari Products a Big Success


Going digital all over the world the tourism industry is probably the one which needs the maximum exposure. More and more people are seeking employment in this industry owing to the fact that it gives rise to revenue in magnificent scale. Day by day as more and more people are planning trips in the country as well as abroad this industry is growing and it is believed that seeking employment in this field ensures a bright future. But one needs to be updating you to progress. Similarly if you are a travel agent then today to reach maximum customers you have to get your business online. With advancement in science and technology people no more go out of their houses and spend much time for making bookings and other stuff necessary for a trip. Every issue can be handled online. One just needs to specify their requirements and in a few clicks the job is done. The payments too are done online and are absolutely safe. The credentials of individual are kept secret and privacy of the customers is of utmost interest for the travel companies.

Standing here one should own an attractive and highly developed travel booking website for his/her tour and travel business. This way not only they can reach out to more and more people but also can manage the business with ease. There is very slight chance that any data of a customer may be lost. Though the whole transaction is done online yet the pictures and videos of the sites to be visited and the hotels where the booking is to be made makes sure the customers pay for what they want.

Axis Softech has dedicated them in helping small and big travel and tourism business houses to bring forth their business online. Incidentally Axis Softech owns a product called Axis SAFARI which is used by 100s of travel agents and they are achieving the height of success using this product. Being able to set up and bring your business online in the shortest period possible of 3 days Axis SAFARI is of high demand in the market. There are many Axis SAFARI products like Axis safari hotel- o-shop, Axis safari Aero, Axis safari special, Axis safari standard, Axis safari mid, Axis safari advance, Axis safari ultra, Axis safari B2B and Axis safari B2E etc. As the name suggests all these products serve multiple purposes that pose to be useful for the customers.

Over 11 years Axis Softech is providing their dedicated service for the growth of travel agents from different part of the country. They have team of professionals who are hard working and efficient. Their efficiency is reflected in the fact that Axis Softech has worked for some of the travel giants like Yatra, Ease My Trip, Riya Travels, Oberoi, AVIS and Escort Group of Companies. The competence of the company is unquestionable and they are trustworthy. Taking the help of Axis softech’s SAFARI product profit and success is guaranteed.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-100s-travel-agents-make-axis-safari-products-big-success-kumar

How Travel Agents Make Money Using Axis Softech’s Travel Products


A huge percentage of modern business is dependent on online marketing today. Most of the business houses from all fields are coming online in an increasing rate day by day. Today, having a smooth working user friendly website is as important as having a magnificent and spectacular office. From grocery to medicine to dress shopping; everything is done online. Similarly, different services are offered online like cab booking, bill payment, movie ticket booking etc that has made our lives easier. But it needs some smart decisions on the company’s part that is conducting the business to set up an online travel portal and get your business to a new height. With all other business fields, travel and tourism industry too is getting online and more so because it gives them a larger platform.

As a travel agent or a business house related to the tourism industry if you manage to set up an online portal which gives the clients access to services that they need the most then you will gain popularity in no time. With the scarcity of time the more accessible a service is from our office or home the better it is. But not everyone knows the technology in depth and therefore setting up a website might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Axis Softech is there to help you out in this problem.

To go online and make instant money, one needs to have a good knowledge about technology and the latest trends. You need to have a really smooth working API couples with a web application (website+software). As a person not so acquainted with technology, you might not be aware as where to get all these stuff at the best rate. Axis Softech provides you full support and help in this matter. Keeping all the above mentioned problems, Axis Softech has brought in market a product called Axis Safari that is a one time solution to all your problems. You just need to specify your budget and buy a payment gateway that will ensure all the money goes in your bank account. Other than that, Axis Safari takes care of API, web application and every other necessary thing needed to set up the online portal. The whole job can even be finished in three working days and you will be owning a super attractive and user friendly website that will help you fetch money more than you can imagine. In fact using the products designed and developed by Axis Softech till date many travel agents have grown the regular turnover in their business manifold.

There are as many as nine varieties of travel portals and you can choose the one as per your liking. The total setup helps to give you absolute control over the system. The amazing custom design and reporting tool helps you to gather more and more information about your clients and get to know them better thereby helping you make more and more money quickly.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-travel-agents-make-money-using-axis-softechs-products-raman-kumar

Axis Softech: Works With Passion to Deliver Best Quality Travel Portals

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Axis Softech is a company dealing with mainly travel website development work where they help their customers run a successful business with the smooth user friendly websites that they produce. No customer till date has lodged complaints against Axis Softech stating that they have been disappointed with the service of the company. In fact AxisSoftech complaints are something which barely exists. This company is a very reputed one with more than 11 years of experience. Any complaint raised against Axis Softech has been deal immediately with care and precision.

Often customers have expressed their desire to avail the service of Axis Softech since they have heard good things from their friends and relatives about the swift customer service that they provide round the clock. Axis Softech complaints have rarely been raised by anyone since they have strong principles and members of the management of the company are some of the best professionals in the market. The company provides high commission and best fares and is known to provide service in all budget range. There is no scope for anyone to raise a complaint against Axissoftech because they work very hard and passionately to make their customers feel satisfied with the end product. The website designs that they make have unique features and worth the money that one pays for it.

For years Axis Softech has maintained their position in the market in a high rank because there has rarely been any case when Axis Softech complaints have come into picture. None have raised Axissoftech complaints and it is a matter of pride and joy for the company.

With a vision to help young and old travel and tourism business houses flourish in online world the company has kept a strict check on the Axissoftech complaints raised.

Source: http://axis-softech-reviews.blogspot.in/2017/01/axis-softech-works-with-passion-to-deliver-best-travel-portals.html