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How to Choose the Best Online Hotel Booking Engine


Online booking is expected necessity rather than convenient way for booking hotel rooms for travelers today. Many travelers like to book online directly on hotel website because it is easy and simple. The system of online payment is convenient and secure for them. Sometimes they book their hotel rooms from their smart phones and other mobile device sitting anywhere. Being a travel technology company Axis Softech always likes to advise a hotel operator to select the right Online hotel Booking Engine for his/her property. Our company provides faultless services of hotel API integration along with booking engine, by providing a consolidated online travel portal with hotel engine and hotel booking system to its customers. You can get B2B, B2C, XML and White Label Solution designed and developed by our company at affordable price.

An Online Hotel Booking Engine is a software tools that enables your hotel to accept direct bookings from your guests on your website and also integrates your property management system (PMS) in order to automatically update your guest records. Other than online bookings, the engine could integrate your existing hotel technology to allow you to properly manage reservations across all your distribution networks.

There are many travel technology companies which provide hotel booking software in the market but very few are capable to fulfill your expectations. So before implementing a hotel booking engine at your property you should carefully evaluate the features and benefits available in each system. Apart from usual features some top features and benefits you should consider before selecting right Online Hotel Booking Engine-

  • Fast and Simple Reservation process should be the top priority of the booking engine. There should be a short form for your guest to fill before they go for the booking of a hotel room. Guests should not be compelled to be redirected to other site for completing their reservation or processing their payment. There should be a “Book Now” button to attract the attention of your target guests.
  • Mobile Booking facility should be necessarily available on the booking software. The people now prefer handy device to complete their work either it be booking hotel or paying bills.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language features of the booking engine have capability to attract the people all over the world. So booking engine should adapt different currencies and languages as far as possible for the convenience of the guests to book online.
  • Ability to connect with social networking sites has a great advantage to attract the guests, so your booking engine should be connected with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Other than these features Axis Softech booking system helps guests by providing them facility of creating customize schedule. Guests can provide their preference for destinations and choices for hotel rooms. They can also allow shifting rooms as per their requirements. Thus with the intensive range of features from our booking engine the work load of management staffs are greatly reduced.

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Get Your Own Hotel Booking Portal with Awesome Design

hotel booking portal

Trying to book for a hotel while planning your next vacation is as easy as it can be. Users can visit any hotel booking portals and select the dates of the stay, location and your preferred budget or star rating of the hotel and they are spoiled with choices of hotels they can stay in. Also the prices are every competitive and you also get to know a third party review of the place.

An ideal hotel booking portal should have ease of selecting a hotel, booking it (or cancelling it) and more. It may include:

Sorting features – Options to sort on basis of prices, star rating, amenities, guest rating, accommodation type or disabled friendly.

Hotel details – Amenities, Hotel and room images, hotel rules and regulations, nearby places to visit, map, reviews from guests, proximity to nearby airports, bus stations or car rental services.

Reservation process – Email confirmation, mobile app, loyalty program or bonus, book flights, book packages, cancellation policies, end to end solution if cancellation is offered, compare rates.

Booking help – FAQs, email, telephone, live chat or request a callback.

The portal should offer excellent preview on sorting, listing and help features. It is not as easy as just finding the cheapest hotel or only the 5 star rated one. Users should be able to sort hotels if they have kids and are looking for places which are kid friendly (offering outdoor games or kids pool), or are disabled or aged and are looking for hotels which cater to their specific needs.

The very reason any user will use the Hotel booking portals is that they do not want to travel all day, reach to a hotel tired and then be told that the hotel is out of rooms of their choice or worse out of rooms completely. So a portal should be ready with correct information on booking and convey the same to users. Having a secure payment gateway is mandatory.

Original Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/get-your-own-hotel-booking-portal-with-awesome-design/