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Axis Softech – The New Winner in the Travel and Tourism Industry


In today’s time in whichever sector you may want to prosper the key aspect of the business is to make sure that the clients get the facilities handy at any point of time. And the easiest way to do so is to go online. Once online the clients can send in their request at the time when they feel it is convenient for them. They do not have to travel places to reach you. A few clicks on the laptop or smart phone will do the job. On the business front it is easier for you to manage business and reach out to more and more people thus will lead to more and more profit. But to make a presence in the virtual world what you need the most is an online portal that is both attractive and has all the functionalities that is needed to be present in the online portal of a travel company.

Axis Softech is the best place to go for this. Registered in 2005 the company has been in this industry for more than 11 years helping budding and old business houses to bring their business online and earn sky high profit. The company is planning to take over travel giants like makemytrip.com, yatra.com and cleartrip.com. The company has achieved the success to sale 100 Travel Portals with the help of their Portal Product Called AXIS SAFARI. It is the readymade web portal ideal as a travel portal with all the required APIs for bookings in car, flight, bus, train etc and also comes with integrated payment gateway system that will help the business house to get the payments done by the client’s right in their bank accounts. The web portal has a robust website structure and it will need a time period of mere 3-5 days for the whole system to go online. Also if you have your own API then you can bring it to Axis Softech Pvt Ltd and they will do the rest.

Axissoftech is competing in B2B market space with VIA.com, RIYA travels, Travel boutique online etc. and is believed to be proving themselves to be a tough competitor to all. Apart from B2B product they also have B2C and B2E products available.

Axis Softech Private Limited designs the products keeping the price as low as possible without compromising with the quality of the product. Customized products are also available that fits the client’s requirements and budget. Apart from world class product design the company also provides 24×7 support services thereby being at your side whenever you need them. Axis Softech has a huge customer base and that is so because the products designed y them are second to none proving the fact that they are the next big thing in the travel industry. If you are planning to be a part of Tourism industry and earn profit surely get assistance from Axis Softech to get guaranteed good result.

Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/axis-softech-the-new-winner-in-the-travel-and-tourism-industry/


Expand Your Travel Business with Axis Softech Private Limited


In today’s time, it is very common for a traveller to make all his flight/hotel and other travel related bookings online. Many travel agencies are stepping forward in the direction of E-commerce; they are getting online travel portal product for their companies so that they do not lack behind in the competitive market. Axissoftech pvt ltd is a company which is helping travel agencies / companies to take their travel business online and cover a larger market. The products available at Axis softech pvt ltd are highly advanced and customized for travel companies. The need to change and innovative has been increasing rapidly in the modern era of internet and Axissoftech private limited has everything that can take your business from a local travelling agency to a highly functional online travel portal.

The team of Axis softech private limited has an experience of eleven years and has been innovating since the very beginning. Axissoftech Pvt Ltd has a specialized product called ‘SAFARI’ which is a multi-functional model, flexible for all travel needs. Axis softech Pvt Ltd has ensured that every client’s requirement is fulfilled and excellent products are delivered to their clients. At Axissoftech private limited, you can get a travel portal developed for your company according to your requirements. The team at Axis softech private limited provides 24 hour support in case your company needs any help.

The changing trends of modern times are well known to the experts at Axissoftech Pvt Ltd and they provide assistance for your business needs to flourish. If you are a company which really needs to transform and innovate for providing a rich experience to your customers then Axis Softech Pvt Ltd is one company that can help your business. Whether you are an agent who provides flight tickets or a company which provides services like hotel booking and other tour packages, Axissoftech private limited is always there to lend their support to your business.

Nowadays the power to choose a service lies in the palm of the customer; a customer can easily book tickets and get hotel booking done through their phone using internet. Its time for you to get an online travel portal product for your company with the help of Axis softech private limited and expand your business. Starting an online portal can help your business achieve a new milestone; you can easily expand your business online and get in touch with a larger number of people.

Source: http://axissoftechpvtltd.blogspot.in/2016/11/expand-your-travel-business-with-axis-softech-pvt-ltd.html

Get Your Own Hotel Booking Portal with Awesome Design

hotel booking portal

Trying to book for a hotel while planning your next vacation is as easy as it can be. Users can visit any hotel booking portals and select the dates of the stay, location and your preferred budget or star rating of the hotel and they are spoiled with choices of hotels they can stay in. Also the prices are every competitive and you also get to know a third party review of the place.

An ideal hotel booking portal should have ease of selecting a hotel, booking it (or cancelling it) and more. It may include:

Sorting features – Options to sort on basis of prices, star rating, amenities, guest rating, accommodation type or disabled friendly.

Hotel details – Amenities, Hotel and room images, hotel rules and regulations, nearby places to visit, map, reviews from guests, proximity to nearby airports, bus stations or car rental services.

Reservation process – Email confirmation, mobile app, loyalty program or bonus, book flights, book packages, cancellation policies, end to end solution if cancellation is offered, compare rates.

Booking help – FAQs, email, telephone, live chat or request a callback.

The portal should offer excellent preview on sorting, listing and help features. It is not as easy as just finding the cheapest hotel or only the 5 star rated one. Users should be able to sort hotels if they have kids and are looking for places which are kid friendly (offering outdoor games or kids pool), or are disabled or aged and are looking for hotels which cater to their specific needs.

The very reason any user will use the Hotel booking portals is that they do not want to travel all day, reach to a hotel tired and then be told that the hotel is out of rooms of their choice or worse out of rooms completely. So a portal should be ready with correct information on booking and convey the same to users. Having a secure payment gateway is mandatory.

Original Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/get-your-own-hotel-booking-portal-with-awesome-design/