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Start New & Grow As a Big Travel Company with Axis Softech


Mostly, people look for a safe and secure career where there is guarantee of getting a promised amount as salary at the end of the month. But with present time the trend is changing. The hype to get into a 9 to 5 job is diminishing with each passing day. With the government being so helpful towards people interested in opening a start up, young people are today more interested in setting up their own business and being their own boss. They are ready to take risk and have a bright future through hard work and dedication. Therefore, more and more budding companies are making their place in the market.

Among all the sectors of business world, the travel and tourism industry is the promising one where the job is dynamic and there is a sure shot opportunity to earn big fortune. Whatever may the world economy go through yet there will be people going on vacations and travel addicts wanting to explore new places. Therefore, inflation or deflation has very little to do with this side of business. Now if you are planning to own a travel company and carry out the business successfully, your next stop is Axis Softech, New Delhi. This is so because they are the most trusted and oldest travel technology providing company serving their clients globally. They have a huge customer base and high reputation because of the quality service that they provide. The prices that they charge are pocket friendly and even customizable available so that everyone can afford their services.

They provide customized integration for Airline booking, Hotel booking, Bus booking, Car booking, Cruise booking, Payment gateways etc. They provide API integrated nine ranges of travel products. They will take mere 3-5 working days to set up the whole system for your company and take your business online. The best thing about Axis Softech is that they give special attention to every customer and therefore do not sale the same layout to everyone. Rather every customer gets an online portal that is exclusive with robust structure and all the necessary features. They also provide 24X7 support service all throughout the year with five different types of support systems.

Axissoftech has got a product called Axis Safari that is of high demand in the market. The product has all the necessary functionalities that a travel company may want in their travel portal. This is a one stop shop for all the tools that you may need to set up your portal. There have been over 70 travel companies and agents who have benefited from the products of Axis Softech Pvt Ltd and thus have given the travel industry a new life. Doing business online not only saves money but also helps you to invest the same in something more productive. Also, it is easier to manage the records and have happy customers. Axis Softech has proven to be the “friend indeed” in providing technical support.

Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/start-new-grow-as-a-big-travel-company-with-axis-softech/


Expand Your Travel Business with Axis Softech Private Limited


In today’s time, it is very common for a traveller to make all his flight/hotel and other travel related bookings online. Many travel agencies are stepping forward in the direction of E-commerce; they are getting online travel portal product for their companies so that they do not lack behind in the competitive market. Axissoftech pvt ltd is a company which is helping travel agencies / companies to take their travel business online and cover a larger market. The products available at Axis softech pvt ltd are highly advanced and customized for travel companies. The need to change and innovative has been increasing rapidly in the modern era of internet and Axissoftech private limited has everything that can take your business from a local travelling agency to a highly functional online travel portal.

The team of Axis softech private limited has an experience of eleven years and has been innovating since the very beginning. Axissoftech Pvt Ltd has a specialized product called ‘SAFARI’ which is a multi-functional model, flexible for all travel needs. Axis softech Pvt Ltd has ensured that every client’s requirement is fulfilled and excellent products are delivered to their clients. At Axissoftech private limited, you can get a travel portal developed for your company according to your requirements. The team at Axis softech private limited provides 24 hour support in case your company needs any help.

The changing trends of modern times are well known to the experts at Axissoftech Pvt Ltd and they provide assistance for your business needs to flourish. If you are a company which really needs to transform and innovate for providing a rich experience to your customers then Axis Softech Pvt Ltd is one company that can help your business. Whether you are an agent who provides flight tickets or a company which provides services like hotel booking and other tour packages, Axissoftech private limited is always there to lend their support to your business.

Nowadays the power to choose a service lies in the palm of the customer; a customer can easily book tickets and get hotel booking done through their phone using internet. Its time for you to get an online travel portal product for your company with the help of Axis softech private limited and expand your business. Starting an online portal can help your business achieve a new milestone; you can easily expand your business online and get in touch with a larger number of people.

Source: http://axissoftechpvtltd.blogspot.in/2016/11/expand-your-travel-business-with-axis-softech-pvt-ltd.html

Get Online Travel Portal with Best Travel Technology Company


The Indian tour and travel industry is the second fastest growing market in the world; it is believed that this industry is set to grow at 12% over the next three years. With the emergence of tour and travel in India, many agencies have started their own online portal to accept bookings of flights, trains, hotels, bus, tour packages etc. The changing trends in market and demand require agencies to innovate and transform. Axissoftech pvt ltd is a company which offers white label travel website development to its clients, with eleven years of experience. Axis softech private limited has innovated and created products which will help travelling agencies to start their own personal online travel portal. At Axis softech private limited, the solutions to all travel business problems are provided. The company has assisted over 1000 clients in its span and facilitated every need of them.

Axissoftech pvt ltd has a wide range of products from which the clients can choose from. They have come up with a specialized product called. SAFARI which includes Axis Safari Hotels, Axis Safari Aero, Axis Safari Standard, Axis Safari Special, Axis Safari Mid, Axis Safari Advance, Axis Safari Ultra, Axis Safari B2B, Axis Safari B2E etc. Axissoftech private limited has combined technology with their experience to develop products that would appeal to every client. The management of Axissoftech pvt ltd is such that they provide 24*7 supports. Their customized range of products is for all those who need to transform their existing business and take it to the next level with the Internet. Axis softech private limited has eased the problem of finding the best API for agents/clients.

Since the year 2005, Axissoftech private limited has been working with established and reputed government and private organizations, providing them technical support for business. The motto of Axis softech pvt ltd has always been to provide social and economic growth to their clients. In the travel industry, Axissoftech private limited has achieved many milestones and eased the way for others. Axis softech pvt ltd is offering integrated products so that their clients can startup their portals in a short period of time. Axissoftech private limited has an experience of working with big leaders like Yatra, Ease my trip, Oberoi, Riya travels, AVIS, etc. Any travel agent or company can get their own online portal at Axis softech pvt ltd.

A Travel Technology Company That Offers Best Travel Services


Travel and tourism companies are growing at an exponential rate. Reason, tourism as a sector is growing and so is the need of websites and companies offering the travel solutions. The websites offering travel technology needs to cater to everyone from the end users to the re-sellers who might use the information available to cater their own customers. Their vision should be to deliver world class travel solution and offer answers to various travel related queries and problems faced while travelling. The travel technology company should have information of their own or suppliers on flights, hotels, sightseeing, transfers and other ground services. A complete travel technology services is offered by AxisSoftech.

An ideal travel technology company should ideally be a specialist in developing complete end to end web solutions for the travel industry by providing technology that delivers affordable, easy-to-interface engines that will provide online sales success to your travel company. The technology should help the customers logging on to the website easily plan, book hotels and flights and purchase complete travel itineraries. The website should ideally offer real time access to air, car, hotel, bus, trains etc.

A travel technology company offering B2C should have all the features mentioned above and more. Here the company is offering solutions of anyone who logs in to their site and plans a trip by booking flights etc or hotels or both. Another mode through which a travel company operates is the B2B – where the travel technology company offers travel solutions to other traveling agencies. Hence the company should offer a powerful booking system with multiple connections. So that you can integrate transport, hotels stay and car rentals etc. In addition to these, the company should offer user booking limits and commissions, Mark up and credit management and create agents and sub agent’s logins.

Safety feature needs to be there without saying. Any site offering transactions of money and dealing with customer’s personal information should make sure the site is completely secure.

Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/a-travel-technology-company-that-offers-best-travel-services/