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Choose Best Travel Portal Development Services

What is a Travel Portal? It is a website that serves as a door or gateway on the internet to travel industry. The main essential feature of travel portal software is Booking Engine. It provides online booking facilities on B2B, B2C and B2E platforms. Online travel portal constitutes features like Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Car Booking, Bus Booking, Tour Package Booking, Cruise Booking and many more. Axis Softech is the only travel portal development company in Delhi that produces custom level travel technology solutions.

Our company has got the reputation of Best Travel Portal Development Company which facilitates wide range of ready-made B2B and B2C travel portal development with essential features like pre-integrated GDS/XML APIs for flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, car rental booking engine, bus booking engine, cruise booking engine and provide CMS based admin panel for tour packages creation and modification.

We are connected with top travel suppliers/aggregators to provide flight results for all GDS airlines and top LCC airlines, more than 40 thousands top hotels globally with competitive market price. With our travel portal solution clients get best industry commission, highly agile and expandable services, multilevel triggers, Robust and User Friendly Back Office with 24×7 support at low travel portal development cost.

travel portal software

Our company does not limits its service to bookings of (flight, hotel, car, bus, tours and cruise) but also partakes services like travel insurance, online recharge portal development, travel ERP solutions and tour management system to our customers depending on their business needs. We have got the honor to design and develop the distribution mechanism for with a GUI and interface. The distribution mechanism creates distributors and further the distributor creates agents. The Agents have access to Global Distribution System (GDS) extended by Yatra.

Axis Softech, being a best travel technology company has developed an advanced travel portal named Safari in different variants to help the innocent travel business persons to be cheated by unscrupulous travel portal development companies. There are too many instances where travel agents are trapped in very net of these unscrupulous companies and they finally tilted towards white level systems which is usually provided by the companies who have their travel business in any form or hidden.

Axis Softech has developed seven variants for B2C travel portal named Safari Hotel, Safari Aero, Safari Special, Safari Standard, Safari Mid, Safari Advance and Safari Ultra. These products are categorized on the basis of client requirements. With all Safari products, clients don’t have to worry about APIs, Portal, Admin Panel, Domain and Hosting services. They have only need to purchase the Payment Gateway to get the payment directly to their bank account.

Travel portal developed by Axis Softech has greatly revolutionized the travel business and subsequently ease the work of online travel agents. Our specialized travel portal has made possible to the formation of many last minute online portals which can organize and distribute distressed inventories to their clients.  Our company is connected with top travel aggregators and global distribution systems (GDSs) and thus we successfully able to provide travel technology solutions of international level to global travel agents, agencies and tour operators.

Our 24×7 support system keeps travel agents relaxed and do their works without any fear of disruption and snag. Our clients feel free to contacts with our technical staffs whenever they need assistance. Thus application of travel technology by Axis to change the overall face of travel business has secured a place in Best travel portal development company.


Axis Softech Exhibits At SATTE, 2018 to Empowering Travel and Tourism Globally

Axis Softech, a leading Travel Technology Company based in India will be showcasing the latest version of their flagship product, Safari along with their new range of products and features at SATTE from 31st January to 2nd February at New Delhi, India.

Safari is an advanced Travel ERP System that works as an aggregator and consolidates feeds from multiple travel suppliers and empowers travel agents / agencies to distribute inventory as per their needs. The Platform is capable of operating in multiple modes like B2C / B2B Travel Portal. With over 12 years in the travel space, Axis Softech provides travel technology solutions to over 100+ clients across the globe. Safari is connected with over 100+ global APIs suppliers which include some of the biggest suppliers, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and payment gateways in the market.

“Being a Travel Portal Development Company, we are focused in the travel domain. We at Axis Softech strongly believe that automation is the key to increase performance and productivity, and hence we constantly work on automating our systems and processes by bringing in new innovations. Another important aspect that we focus on is Product Standardization. While servicing different markets we ensure that our Travel Software Solutions are compatible and can be accepted globally” said Devesh Thakur MD, Axis Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Some Features From Latest Version Of Travel ERP Solutions Are:

  • Faster system with the latest and innovative Technology
  • Summary of client’s performance on Admin Dashboard
  • Payment allocation feature for Agents
  • New and advanced module for Activity Management
  • Ability to book up to 100 nights at a time under the same booking
  • Ability to bill multiple bookings under one single Invoice
  • Auto payment of reserved bookings, that can be controlled through access rights
  • Automated reports for notifying for any discrepancies in the credit of the agents
  • Filter by supplier in the front end interface for internal staff
  • Mapping agents to countries and cities
  • A report to identify lost business
  • Ability to upload local hotel contracts in the system with the click of a button

Axis Softech serves clients over more than 26 countries and with SATTE looks forward to expanding their presence over existing and untouched markets with its range of travel booking portals.

A trusted Travel Technology Provider , Axis Softech licenses premium enterprise level Travel Technology Solutions to all of its 100+ clients over the globe. With over 12 years of experience in the Travel Technology, Axis Softech believes that cutting-edge innovation in Travel Technology Services and round-the-clock support drives client growth. In addition, Axis Softech provides modern UI and UX design solutions for travel booking portals and mobile apps in the travel industry.

Tourism Industry and Its Prospects with Hotel Reservation System

Tourism has taken a massive turn in the current times with innovative additions in the industry such as hotel reservation system. Be it travel agents, agencies or hotels, the utilization of such system is becoming indispensable and highly necessary for the easy process of choosing and booking hotels by tourists. The hospitality business in the current times is gaining huge benefit from this. Along with tourists, it is making things convenient for owners, staff and managers of hotels as well. It saves time for customers and increases sale for hotel owners. The vice versa benefit is making the introduction of this software highly acceptable all over the world.


Empowering the hospitality sector:

People who are still unaware of the hotel reservation system software can gain information from companies that offer hotel reservation software solutions to huge range of hotels. Agencies, hospitality partners and travel companies can now empower themselves for the successful and convenient hotel bookings online. This kind of software can make hotels connect with overseas clients as the clientele will be offered with speedy booking functionality and unique search. Business to business and business to customers are the modules that these reservation systems are equipped with. Some software also comes with an all inclusive admin module.

For B2B Hotel Booking Portal – Get a Project Quote visit here:

Installation merits of software:

  • Sales revenue enhancement – Bookings when tacked efficiently can enhance the sales revenue for hotels. When it comes to a hotel booking systemit doles out the status of the room reservation to many virtual booking agents as well as potential clients can seek the hotel availability. Booking directly by the customers is also possible. In this manner, the reach related with the hotel status augments and leads to a reduction in the low occupancy factor. This lastly enhances the sales up to twenty to thirty percent on top of the total sale.
  • Tackling hotel reputation – A restriction on third party bookings is placed by hotel reservation software and this can save the hotels from taking the bookings they don’t actually need.

Features of online hotel reservation system:

  • A plethora of payment gateways – Every customer is different and so is their way of commencing payments. Hence, travel agencies must be equipped with the same. Reservation software gives you the liberty of accepting payments in PayPal, credit and debit cards.
  • Universal inventory – Online software when installed will give hotel owners the chance of being connected with top-notch hotel inventory so that the clientele can be provided with the finest deals.
  • Universal language library – There is an option called auto component shifting in online hotel reservation software with which multiple languages can be managed that again will increase the sales through customers.

Business made easy:

To be precise, a hotel booking software leads to accurate and smart work of hotels so that various kinds of business requisites can be met. Through the help of such software, a reduction in manual planning takes place as well as there is efficiency in work. Owners can now gain more control over their trade with these tools.

To know more about Hotel Booking Portal, please visit You can also call us at (+91) 9810316788 /(+91) 11 46160446/47. and email us at

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How Travel Agents Get Profited By Travel Booking System

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Travel and Tourism Industry is growing rapidly throughout the world. India is not outside the world;   in 2014, the industry contributed Rs 7.64 trillion and 36.7 million jobs into the Indian economy as reported by WTTC. It is estimated that the industry will contribute 2.5% in GDP by 2025. So demand of the Tour and Travel Industry is high. To cope with rising demand of the industry every travel and tourism company should have robust E-COOMERCE platform.

The Online Travel Booking System designed by Axis Softech is comprehensive, efficient and cost effective E-commerce solution. It is one stop complete reservation solution on online booking portal on both B2B and B2C platform. It furnishes online booking portals for flights, hotels and cars for different destinations and dates. The Travel Booking System presents all information regarding inventory, company, agents, suppliers, booking, payment, etc. The other necessary features of the booking system are booking creation, date wise search, packages, online payments, XML upload/download reports and sending query.

The purpose of online booking engine is to provide speedy and efficient system of online reservation through internet. The recent developments into system have come up with different updated new features that have made the service more efficient and thus travelers could make booking hassle free in minimum spell of time. Our ultimate goal should be fulfill the customers’ requirements and needs. For this you must have most updated Online Travel Booking Engine on your travel portal. Our company Axis Softech always ready to develop and manage the online travel portal for your company that fulfill the each and every requirement of today’s travel industry.

Features of online Travel Booking Engine System:

  • A simple user interface of our Online Travel Booking Engine is easily browsed through by the users. It enables customers to open various websites so that they can check and compare the booking rates of flights and other communications.
  • It enables customers to conduct their search in real time and check the booking rates across different websites in a single click of a mouse.
  • For purchasing tickets easily the software guides the customers to booking page as soon as the deal is selected.
  • Highly sophisticated programming languages like Java, PHP and others are used to create high-tech program which provides the tool a simple user interface.
  • The high-tech program integrates XML and API that enables the booking tool for searching the lowest tariffs available with the bookings.
  • The air ticket booking system is linked with GDI (graphic design interface) that can be helpful for getting inventory on the air tickets.


How Online Travel Reservation Software Helps Travel Agents


Brick-and-mortar system of travel business is becoming obsolete day-by-day. Now most of travel agents prefer to provide online service to their clients. Booking of flight, hotels, car, bus, etc are now completed on online platform. Travel Agent Booking Software has a great role in the growth of online travel business. Axis Softech provides most latest and most advanced travel agent software solutions for the travel agents both small and big. Our product and service have the ability to boost your sales and extend the customers database and sub agents’ network in short period of time.

Our travel agent booking software has successfully helped many travel agencies to increase their profit. The software is cost-effective, quick and correct online booking engine. Travel agencies get the facility of instant purchase of services, auto-generated email confirmation and availability check. This software functions in better way to provide customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and booking task of the back office on the platform of central reservation system (CRS). Another major benefit of the software is efficient management of contracts and good connectivity with different supplier systems.

There are a lot of software’s in the market but selecting one which has advanced features and tools, is necessary for travel agents to automate and streamline their agencies. Following information and features may help travel agents to choose one of the best Travel Agency Booking Software:

  • The software should be designed by keeping product marketing in minds so that it can reduce marketing efforts and assets of the travel agents. Marketing tour packages and products, review and ratings will translate in increase in sales.
  • Multiple Sales Channels is an important feature of the software through which travel agency can enhance their sales and increase earnings.
  • Software with Content Management System facilitates you to manage the pages and contents of pages of your website easily and help you to promote more offers and products.
  • Software with Dashboard and reporting tools gives insight into sales and important business measurements at one look. Thus you get all the information you need to know about your business.

Technology is changing day to day and every business need to adopt changes and update their business management. To standout in today’s competitive tourism market every travel agency need to automate their tourism business.


How to Get Best Website Design for Travel Agency


It is a general conception that the more traffic a website gets, the high is the chance to get business to generate handsome revenue. But how does an organization get high traffics? The answer is very simple– the well designed website with visual appeal. The same is true for travel agency. So website design for travel agency is most important aspect to promote and enhance online business. A good website is also considered as a facelift of an organization. Designing a website is not easy task but it requires research, efforts and strategies. It should always be done by the expert IT professional. A website designing company should have a team of SEO, web designers, and content managers so that it could provide you dynamic website having latest technologies.

In recent years the demand for website design services has increased considerably so they are mushrooming here and there. So many designing companies may have approached you to provide a good website for travel agency, but selecting a good one you should carefully check their portfolios and get the idea from the clients who have worked with them. If you want to make online presence of your business, Axis Softech is the name to trust upon. We are a leading travel technology company providing website design for travel agency. We provide best and affordable web solutions for website designing services, web development, ecommerce and software development.

Some important facts for website design for travel agency-

  • The website should be developed on responsive platform so that your website could perform on most devices like laptop, iPod, mobile phone, etc.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is very important to get top ranking of your website.
  • The purpose of the Website is to generate business leads, so call to action button should be placed on proper space.
  • Content management is an important factor to be considered. Numerous contents place in messy way never generate business for your website. Contents should be short and suitable for the context.
  • To initiate traffic, a web design should showcase the best deals and offers. Many people like to travel when they get good offers for flight and on the other hand some people like to travel during off season to save their money.
  • Instant search feature should be created in the website so that a visitor could get the required information by filling the search form. Mandatory fields like date, travel time and location to be included in the form.


Axis Softech – The New Winner in the Travel and Tourism Industry


In today’s time in whichever sector you may want to prosper the key aspect of the business is to make sure that the clients get the facilities handy at any point of time. And the easiest way to do so is to go online. Once online the clients can send in their request at the time when they feel it is convenient for them. They do not have to travel places to reach you. A few clicks on the laptop or smart phone will do the job. On the business front it is easier for you to manage business and reach out to more and more people thus will lead to more and more profit. But to make a presence in the virtual world what you need the most is an online portal that is both attractive and has all the functionalities that is needed to be present in the online portal of a travel company.

Axis Softech is the best place to go for this. Registered in 2005 the company has been in this industry for more than 11 years helping budding and old business houses to bring their business online and earn sky high profit. The company is planning to take over travel giants like, and The company has achieved the success to sale 100 Travel Portals with the help of their Portal Product Called AXIS SAFARI. It is the readymade web portal ideal as a travel portal with all the required APIs for bookings in car, flight, bus, train etc and also comes with integrated payment gateway system that will help the business house to get the payments done by the client’s right in their bank accounts. The web portal has a robust website structure and it will need a time period of mere 3-5 days for the whole system to go online. Also if you have your own API then you can bring it to Axis Softech Pvt Ltd and they will do the rest.

Axissoftech is competing in B2B market space with, RIYA travels, Travel boutique online etc. and is believed to be proving themselves to be a tough competitor to all. Apart from B2B product they also have B2C and B2E products available.

Axis Softech Private Limited designs the products keeping the price as low as possible without compromising with the quality of the product. Customized products are also available that fits the client’s requirements and budget. Apart from world class product design the company also provides 24×7 support services thereby being at your side whenever you need them. Axis Softech has a huge customer base and that is so because the products designed y them are second to none proving the fact that they are the next big thing in the travel industry. If you are planning to be a part of Tourism industry and earn profit surely get assistance from Axis Softech to get guaranteed good result.